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Building the Future of GivingGiveth is first and foremost a community of givers and changemakers. We are passionate people working together to build a crypto-economic system that can reward giving to good causes. Our project is open-source, decentralized, altruistic, and community-led. Want to get more involved?

Follow our social media and come say hello in a channel below, we look forward to welcoming you!


Join the conversation! Discord is where our team communicates. Introduce yourself, give us feedback, find out how to contribute or just say hello!
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The Giveth forum is where we create discourse around new and existing proposals. We share ideas involving development and governance, cultivating discussions about important topics around our team and community.
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Got some developer skills? Check out our Github! We always welcome new contributors. Please also join one of our dev channels in Discord to say hello!
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Not on Discord? Join our Telegram to receive announcements from Giveth!
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Keep up with our Medium blog where we publish regular development and community updates with the latest and greatest.
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Connect with us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on exciting shares about the Future of Giving!
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Check out presentations, interviews, AMAs and more on the Giveth Youtube. Also follow our Transparency channel for recordings of our calls.
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Subscribe to our r/Giveth subreddit to stay abreast of updates, engage in discussions and upvote all the things.
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